Coventry Carols: Come one, Come all, there are some new kids in town….

Nostalgia. That feeling of something you’ve experienced before in your life that takes you back to that moment of joy and bliss. Of pure happiness. Music has always been that happy spot for me. And the debut album from the band Coventry Carols, is just that!

When I first heard of this new project my friend Jon Soda James was putting together, that little light inside my heart beamed bright. We all know the past two years haven’t been the best, with the pandemic happening and so many things coming to fruition, we often times forget about what makes us happy because we are so drenched in the stresses of current events or just life not dealing us a hand we do not want to deal with. But when all our chips are down, at least for me, music makes that fire burn again, brings back that joy and lightness that often gets turned off. But upon hearing this record, I can tell you, it’s a four alarm absolute fire burning and I am ready for it! It’s a calling all cars moment indeed!

From the first note on the self titled debut, to the very last tune, this record takes you on a journey you are not only not ready for but quickly melt into with musical delight! While the band themselves have their own distinct vibe, their music reminds me of the days of Our Lady Peace and 80’s punk bands that still keep my toes tapping during long days in the office. So many tracks to immerse yourself in, though Anxiety Flowers and The Well remain two of my choice favorites.

photo from band’s official Facebook page, all rights given to them.

With Jon “Soda” James on vocals/guitars, Clifford Catropa on bass and Terry Taylor on drums, this band will glide you through the most colorful and relaxing yet mesmerizing voyage. If you are anything like me, you’ll never get tired of hearing Soda’s vocal range as it literally brings music to your ears.

Long Island, NY surely has a treasure with this band! I heard a sneak peek before it was released, I could not wait for the rest of the world to be able to jump into each track feet first, and dive into the deep end of each melody. I quite honestly have not heard in a long time, a band like Coventry Carols mesh so well together. Each of their talents compliments each song, each harmony…. Dare I say, they are close to perfect.

So take it from me, do yourselves all a favor and download this album, follow them on all socials. And tell them Stackie sent you! You won’t regret it!



If you would like to listen to tracks or you would like to find out more information about the band, please check the social media addresses below, maybe one day the band will be playing in a city near you!

TWITTER: @CoventryCarols

Instagram: Coventry Carols



or you can reach them by email at

UNTIL NEXTTIME…………….. I am Stackie and this, is Stack Attacks Music!

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Thank you for reading!

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  1. Karen Spadafora · June 1

    nice to hear from you again. great write up


  2. Soda · June 2

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