Worth More Than Gold: Sitting down to chat with Nathanael Pulley of ARCHERS

Imagine a few months ago, scrolling through Tiktok, your FYP filled with videos of everything from paranormal themes, Halloween and music. I came across a band who made a cover of a very popular song and was instantly drawn in like a moth to flame. Sure there are tons of bands who do covers but this one really struck a chord. What do I always do when I hear at least one song? I check out of the rest of the catalog of songs and was still completely blown away. That’s what happened when I found ARCHERS! Not to mention their bassist Oscar’s personal page which is equally fun and full of entertainment. As a blogger, you have dreams of who you want to interview and who you want to include in your pieces. I put them down on my wish list. I wanted to be able to one day be able to ask them questions and include them in Stack Attacks Music. I made a few videos, asking if they would. I saw they had liked them but I wasn’t sure if that was a for sure yes so I reached out to the band. Moments later, I received a yes! THIS IS A DREAM… is this real life? The following interview is with their singer Nathanael. As usual I cover topics all over the spectrum. I hope you enjoy it! THIS WAS A TREAT! So sit back, grab a snack, get a coffee and let’s listen to just what he has to say.

Here’s just a part of the amazing band, that is ARCHERS!!


First take a second to introduce yourselves, name, place in band, Hogwarts name, etc etc…

I’m Nathanael, I sing and do screamy bois for the band ARCHERS. 

Ok so who wants to anty up and take the credit for this one……Where did the band name come from?  

The name archers is derivative of a old band my guitarist Ben and I used to be apart of. When we cut ties with our former record label we changed the name and released our new music as ARCHERS. 

Every band has a great story of how you all came together, what’s yours?  How did the band form?  

It wasn’t a crazy story or anything. Just a bunch of guys who love making music and each other. The line up may have changed over the years but our group is more tight knit than ever before. ARCHERS is a labor of love in every regard. 

Hailing from Wisconsin, do you feel like it’s not as easy to have a big following as you would in a bigger metropolis or do you feel social media helps that a lot?  Plus Oscar’s Tiktoks do have quite the fanbase ha!  (Don’t worry Oscar I will not ask you to growl……)  

TikTok has been huge for us in the last year. The idea that being in a major city is paramount to the success of a band is an antiquated notion. These days the right moves on social media, proper fan engagement and the willingness to travel are all you need to get started. After that it’s a lot of hard work and hopefully some luck. Of course there are tons of tiny details that go into making a band but generally no, being in a more rural area is in no way a disadvantage. 

So lets get down to business, when you write a song as a band, which comes first?  Do you put together a sound piece first or are the lyrics created before that?  Kind of like, rock and roll which comes first the chicken or the egg.  Is it a group collaboration?  Talk about that process.  Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night with a melody or lyric?

The writing process is very fluid for us. Some times its collaborative other times it’s more one sided. But the idea isn’t that every one needs a hand in the pot, it’s about making the best song. Sometimes we have a full track before I put pen to pad other times I come up with lyrics long before music is ever made. And sometimes it’s a complete mix. I love to go back through old unused lyrics to try to find gems to bring back into new tracks. 

You have two covers which I absolutely LOVE!!  You guys have covered Close To Me by Ellie Goulding and Levitating by Dua Lipa.  Is there a particular science in picking which song(s) you want to cover as a band?  Is it a hat draw, maybe throw a dart and choose whatever it lands on?  

I wouldn’t say science but there is some method to it. Ultimately it’s just what ever song we vibe to that we think we can offer a fun, new take on. Our basic criteria is popularity and radio air time. There’s a lot of guess work involved but we’ve had great luck so far. 

Speaking of the Dua Lipa cover, it was Oscar’s first time doing core vocals on the song.  Any chances of that happening again on future releases?  

Absolutely! Oscar has already recorded parts for a single that will be dropping later in the year. I’m so proud of him and I can’t wait to have his voice become more of a mainstay in future tunes. 

Your fans are some of the most amazing people I’ve seen.  On Instagram, Tiktok, all around.  How does it make you guys feel seeing them make duets, or post videos and pictures on their stories supporting you.  Do you ever have one of those “holy shit they love us” moments?

Our fans are truly wonderful people. Some of them we’ve gotten to know quite well. Often times the three of us will sit in a group a just coo over all the love that we get. We’re just a couple of dumb Wisconsin kids. We could have only imagined the kind of love we’ve been receiving and it gives us so much fuel to keep going. 

As i’m writing this the band is preparing to debut a new take on your song Making Eyes, releasing the video on Youtube and other platforms.  What made you pick that song?  Again, it’s another banger I love it!!  

It was the biggest song from our New Normal record and the song most suited for a reimagining. The other tracks on the record are a bit more personal to us as they touch on some really heavy topics like suicide, loss and mental health. Sure I would love to hear them reimagined but honestly they were made the way they were made deliberately and with a distinct purpose. Hearing them any other way could change the impact it has on the listener as well as us. We want the to be heard the way they were intended. The music and lyrics come together in a way that inspires very specific emotional response and we wouldn’t want to cheapen that for the listener.

***Oscar wasn’t available for this interview but I’m leaving this little tidbit in here for him in he should read this***

**Speaking of Tiktok, Oscar, I’m singling you out for a second.  Between your goblin energy you have and just all around trying to post positivity in your videos, I want to say thank you, from a fellow person who at times suffers from depression and often doesn’t feel like they are putting out the best effort they can.  Thank you for being a force to reckon with.  You truly are doing good things even if you may feel at times you aren’t.  Keep being that bad ass with the high energy and often caffeinated hijinks!  you are appreciated!!!  You are like the friend someone has known all their life yet I haven’t even gotten a chance to talk to you yet.  But thank you for that. Thanks to folks like you all, I’m still be here!**

In reality it’s truly an honor to be able to interview you all as a band.  You are really making the dreams come true for this little Italian girl from Pennsylvania, who at times feels like she doesn’t fit in.  What kind of advice would you give someone like me or someone out there who might be feeling the same way while they are reading this?  

Just don’t give up. Even the tiniest step is forward motion. Progress is progress. Remember to forgive your self for your failings and never ever give up. Life equals possibility and the possibilities are endless. 

Ok let’s hit some fun topics, let’s try to settle the world’s often hated and never truly agreed on subject;  Pineapple on pizza.  Yay or Nah?  

Oh absolutely it does. I love Hawaiian pizza. People who say otherwise still each chicken nuggies w ketchup. Just kidding. You can like what ever you want. You only become a jerk when you shit on others for liking what they like. Just calm down and eat whatever pizza you want. 
Although if you think about it from a chemistry standpoint it makes sense why people love it. Salt from the pizza and sugars and citrus from the pineapple are basically creating a chemical reaction in the mouth similar to eating salt and vinegar chips. You either love it or you don’t. Just don’t be a dick.

Hopefully once this Pandemic goes away and the world goes back to whatever the normal will be, touring will begin again and you can see the country, even the world.  If you could put together your DREAM TOUR, bands/artists past and present, who would they be?

Ooof that’s a toughy. 
A Day To Remember, Dayseeker,The Band Camino And us
I’m sure I’m leaving some out though. 

Do any of you have a bucket list instrument you’d love to own one day.  Or do you already own it?  

Um not really. I like nice microphones I guess. Although custom in ear monitors are a dream of mine. 

Ok picture it, you are walking onto stage on a big stadium tour and you each get to pick a different song to walk out onto the stage like you are Rocky going into the ring.  what would you pick and why?  This can be any song at all!

That is very hard to answer. Probably something funky or disco. I love to groove. Maybe Uptown Funk or Staying Alive. 

What if you woke up tomorrow as a Disney character, which one would you want to be?  

Preferably one that doesn’t do a whole bunch. Oh I know. The “big summer blowout” guy from Frozen. 

Say you go to sleep tonight and wake up tomorrow, and all your knowledge about the band  thus far has escaped your minds, you don’t remember anything about composing music or writing songs together as a band.   I asked my friend Josh this and I swear I almost put him into a cardiac arrest, being a heart failure patient myself, that’s some pretty serious stuff……   what would you want to do after that?   Would you try to regain all your skills or just dust yourself off and try to find a new path?

I’m nearly 30. If ARCHERS was ever to end I would probably seek out a new venture eventually. But if all my memories, skills and training where stripped away I would probably just focus on my wife and kiddos.

Nate, Oscar and Ben, they are Archers!

Do you think the music of today would have been as much of a success if it was made before the tech age?

Today’s music couldn’t exist without today’s tech. Especially not ours. We do all of our recording digitally and while that’s what most bands have been doing for decades now, the productions style and general sound we have couldn’t have been created 50 years ago. I get so annoyed with music purists who think that being able to make an entire song on a computer without ever touching an instrument is somehow less than. Just think of all the music we have now. Maybe there’s an amazing writer who can’t play but still wants his vision heard. Who’s to say he’s less of a musician. I know tons of instrumentalists that can barely play their parts let alone write and produce a song on their own. Get your head on straight and let people make music they way they can. 

Name 4 things that you guys cannot live without

Fire, Earth, Water, Air. Long ago these nations lived in harmony. 

There is that stigma that music has to sound a certain way depending on what category you fit into, pop has to sound like bubblegum happiness, metal has to be angry etc etc…  Could you do a mix of everything onto one album?  Do you think certain genres have to possess a specific sound or do you think everybody has the potential to be a crossover?

No. Music is subjective. I used to be a music snob when I was younger but the simplest thing happened one night that changed my entire perspective. 
While listening to an underground college radio station I found that there was one DJ who’s entire 2 hour segment was dedicated to different variations of White Noise tracks. If you don’t know what white noise is, it’s basically a static hum and the track would just be 3 minutes of that. And the show had actual listeners who would call in and discuss. 
To me it sounded atrocious and gratuitous but the idea that someone could find something so simple to be so valuable and appealing forced me to realized that there is always someone who will listen. 
So make whatever you want. Let’s hear some krunktry/disco/jazz mashups!

any final thoughts you’d like to add?  this is your chance, your open mic to speak what’s on your minds. the floor is yours!!!

I love what I do. It’s a privilege to be where I am even though we are far from famous and have a long way to go I would never trade this gig for anything. Or my band mates for that matter. I don’t think I could do it without them. 
We’re all just so grateful for the opportunities you’ve all given us and we promise to do everything we can not to waste it. 
Love always!
Nathanael Pulley of ARCHERS





I’ve said it once i’ll say it again, this was a dream come true!! thank you again Nathanael for taking time out of your busy schedules to answer a few questions from this little blogger. Please check out ARCHERS and their amazing music!! You can find them on just about any music streaming service, Spotify, Apple, just do it!!! You may also find them on the following social media sites below:

Follow them on social media!

Facebook: https://facebook.com/ArchersOfficial/

Instagram: @archersus

Twitter: @archersus

And if you are of the Tiktok kind, you can find the band on their official Tiktok @archersband and if you are looking for some goblin energy you can also follow Oscar @aboutanoscar

THIS…… right here is the reason I keep doing this!! Follow your dreams, never give up, and don’t let ANYBODY tell you that you can’t, but if they do……………….SHOW THEM YOU CAN!!!!!!!

Thank you for reading!

if you want to contact me about being in a future publication, contact me at stackattacksmusic@gmail.com

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