Boots The Blessed: Damn Shame (Feat. Kydd Jones) .. This song is anything BUT a shame.

Some songs will stick to you like glue, others will bounce off you and end up in a lost pile on your phone.

Came across this song by chance, I tweeted another artist I consider one of the most talented rappers in the land of hip hop and rap, and that’s when I met Boots The Blessed.  Super cool and chill artist and producer from Texas.  He asked me if I wanted to listen to some new music, like perfect nature I said of course.  He told me he had a single out called “Damn Shame”, I immediately looked up the song and put the download onto my phone and gave it a listen while I was talking to him back and forth through text.  First thing I thought to myself, OH MY GOD.  Now there are times it may take a few listens for me to really get into a song, to really embrace it.  This track took me one listen and I was hooked.  It’s absolutely one of the best hip hop tracks I have heard in a long time.  Honestly, I alone could listen to just the instrumental to this song and be happy, so much melody and almost haunting sounds that play behind the vocals are a part of this killer song.  But when you add the vocals to it, it becomes such a piece of amazing musical art.  It’s one of those things where you don’t realize until 30 minutes later you have hit repeat over and over again.

It’s everything that hip hop should be, smooth and enjoyable.   Kydd Jones brings some freshness to the song, and trust me, the chorus is catchy and will stick in your head.

You can tell just by listening to this song, there is going to be nothing but greatness coming from Boots’ yet to be released album “Embers Burning….”  Video will be dropping soon as well, so keep your eyes open!  It’s beyond words amazing.

Head over to Apple or Spotify and download this masterpiece!!







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