The History of……..

Sitting in between blogs is when my brain begins to work into overdrive.  I have one feature out and I’m waiting on it’s return and another that I am waiting on approval.  I am finding that I like to keep myself busy with this blog more and more, I’ve been thinking of ways to add different elements to it, not just interviews but I just recently started the music reviews and I’m wanting to do more.  I like to keep things rolling, last time I stopped for too long I almost gave up and that is no longer an option for me.  I will not quit……  This is something I’ve been longing to do all my life, this is NOT a hobby, this is my life.

For those who’ve asked me in the past what made me want to start a blog, I thought i’d post a little history feature about Stack Attacks Music.

For as far back as I can remember, I have always LOVED music. All kinds.  Mostly rock because it’s deeply rooted in my heart but I listened to a lot of different kinds growing up.  Some of the old country artists, Waylon, Willie, Dolly, Kenny, Oak Ridge Boys (I used to love the song Elvira, drove my babysitter crazy playing the 45 of the song).  but I loved music.  Posters all over my walls of the latest bands and singers that I thought were ultra cool as a kid.  I can vaguely remember having an obsession with Rob Lowe too when I was a kid (another day, another story, another blog lol)  but music made me happy.  It stuck with me all though my childhood, into my teens and now that I’m fo—- over 30, it has stuck with me.  My other love was always writing.  I can remember one of my favorite christmas gifts was a typewriter, I was on cloud nine when I opened up that sucker!  I couldn’t keep enough typing paper in the house to keep myself happy.  I wrote stories, poems….  always kept a journal.  It was just something that was like breathing to me, something I always did.  Writing.

Growing up, in high school, I fell in love with reading SPIN and Rolling Stone magazines, I loved how all these writers got to talk to these fascinating artists, ask them questions about their upcoming releases, it was always a dream for me.  I wanted to write for a magazine one day or maybe a paper.  To my younger readers, this was before Facebook, Twitter, online blogs….. Yeah we didn’t have snapchat when I was in 10th grade.  I know, how ever did we survive right?  When you wanted to Facetime your friends, you literally had to be looking at their faces… front of you….. in real time.  Shocker, i know!  After high school, I was going to go to college, study writing and journalism and I was going to make a name for myself.  Little did I know that Thyroid surgery was going throw me for a loop and everything went on hold.

Flash forward, Music has still remained such a huge influence in my life, the concerts I’ve gone to, the few bands that I have met along the way, 311, Matchbox Twenty, Escape the Fate, I Am Ghost…  It helped fuel that fire deep inside me.   But like most things in life, sometimes it just has to happen at the right time.

I remember one day sitting at work, I was talking to two of my very good friends and told them about wanting to start a blog.  It just hit me one night, now was my time.  I wanted to write a blog.  I had asked my good friend David Kelly in Unparalleled Height if he would be interested in doing a music interview, I was going to be starting a blog.  So between the conversations with some good friends, and getting started by setting up an interview with a band I have loved for a long time, Stack Attacks Music was born.  I was going to just post them on a personal blog but I wanted them to stand out on their own.  So, this is how I was brought here.  I gave them their own platform and now they shine like the truly brilliant gems that they are.  Both my friends and all the amazing interviews I have compiled along the way.  And thanks to the one who misspelled my name at one point, otherwise I wouldn’t be Stackie.  (I really gotta trademark that sucker)  I really don’t think if it wasn’t for the pushing and encouragement from them all, I don’t think Stack Attacks Music would be where it is today.  Growing and thriving each day.

I’ve been wanting to add more to it though, every artist hits a rough patch.  Interviews don’t come so easy at times but I’m ok with that.  Everything happens in it’s own time.  I reach out here and there to bands and singers, other individuals in the music field, asking for a chance to involve them in my blog.  Sometimes I hit the bulls eyes, sometimes I miss.  But it’s all part of the game.  Can’t win them all.  But I like to keep myself busy with it.  I’ve been starting to add music reviews, it’ll include both singles and full albums.  Just a little something new.  I want to make this blog the best it can be.

I want to prove to some that this is more than just something I love to do, that it’s more than a hobby.  I don’t just do this all for shits and giggles….. This is my life, it makes me happy.  It’s always been my dream and if there was one thing my Nana taught me, it’s never give up on those dreams.  she always wanted me to go to college, and I felt like I let her down because I never did.  So, I do this because i’m pursuing a dream, I am putting my heart and soul into each of these posts and it’s all she ever wanted me to do……  what makes me happy.   I hope I am making her proud.

All the support means the world to me, sharing this blog, even word of mouth, every little bit helps.  This is just the beginning…..  There is so much more to come from this little engine that could.  It’s no longer I think I can, it’s I KNOW I CAN!

thanks for all the support…… let’s keep this train rolling!

Here’s to more great things for Stack Attacks Music!

I have some really great things in the works!



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