SODA: The Very Inspiring and Soulful Heart of a True Artist

The saying is, “Who says you can’t go home?”  Back in May 2016, I had the chance to interview a great band who I still hold dear to my heart, Noxcult.  Members Soda and Fox were gracious enough to answer a few questions for me and it became one of my favorite interviews I’ve done so far!  They have become more like my family, I adore these guys.  Although Noxcult is no longer an active group, I have stayed in touch with them.

I took a break from this music blog to focus on bettering myself and I decided it was time to make a comeback, and I wanted nobody else but my dear friend Soda to be the one to do another interview with!  There’s more to this man that meets the eye, he’s like a wonderful vibrant book of ideas, every page is a new adventure.  As you will see with the interview you are about to read.  We dabble into everything from a love of crafting to what makes his musical heart tick.  Such a giving heart this man has, let’s jump back into the world of Soda, my dear friend and part of my family.  Sitting down with him really was like going home.

I present to you, my interview with Soda.



(photos all courtesy of Soda)

How did the Therapy Sessions come about?

SODA–My new recording, “Therapy Sessions:An Experiment In Sound and Word” came about mainly because I wasn’t really playing in a band at the time and felt it was important for me to put something else into the universe, a solo recording especially. I had been uninspired for a short while before it started to take shape. I know that my roots as an artist have shaped mostly my whole life. I started to just record “ideas” until it became interesting enough. I would only work on it when I wanted to, there was no pressure. I wasn’t spending hours and scrutinizing any parts of it. If I started to get into more than 3-4 takes, it just wasn’t working. I wanted to create something under produced and make up for that experimentally and artistically. I absolutely love the finished product. I feel like the whole thing some what brings me back to the beginning.

You’ve said to me before that they are different from what you’ve released before, what made you create such amazing collage of tracks?

SODA–Well, thank you…the whole thing is really just a stream of consciousness experiment. There are really only 2 proper songs on it from the 9 tracks that make it up. My many releases are mostly different from the last but all very much in the SODA realm. I appreciate that you refer to it as a collage.


~~I refer to them as a collage, just because I feel like saying it’s an EP or what they call “mix tapes” gives it the justice it’s so deserving of!  It’s a brilliant mix of different sounds and tones, totally diverse collection.  I really love it!~~


I have to say Deep Sleep and I Am a Haunted House have to be probably my two favorite tracks, what is the concept behind each?

SODA–“Deep Sleep” is a song about the passing of my Mother. I was by her bedside when she took her last breath. “IAAHH” is inspired by the fact of how I can somewhat sometimes feel like an empty vessel. A cold hallway full of loss and memories but buried beneath it all is a light. “I am so dead…I live”.

Your music has always been so true and personal, which track on this new collection do you feel really shows your listeners more of you?

SODA–Thank you again. Most of what I have done for the past many years has been an open love letter to the broken-hearted…the freaks, the geeks. This whole thing is very personal. There are pieces of me in each component. It’s hard for me to pick one.

So aside from making music, you love to talk about music, you created your own podcast. You also have a really amazing blog which I love reading. How did your podcast come about? Tell us about Music-Survival-Guide.. your podcast and your blog named the same.

SODA–I do love to talk about it. It excites me when other people get excited about the same stuff. I will always say, that first and foremost, I’m a “fanboy”. Although I HATE the word/term “fan” but it is true. My love for this stuff is what inspired me to follow along in the fist place. My knack for writing and love and knowledge of music seemed just like a match made in heaven and something that obviously needed to be paired up. It started slowly and just turned into something really neat that people have shown appreciation for. Turning it all into a podcast seemed to be the next logical move. And, I have been loving it.

*Check out his amazing podcast with the members of one of his past projects, NOXCULT*

You are always pretty talented with your art and making some pretty awesome crafts, Soda’s Crafty Chaos. where do these ideas come from? You seem to have an never-ending plethora of talent. the candles you make are pretty kick ass!

SODA–Thank you yet again! It all comes down to the fact that I like to keep busy. I’m wound pretty tight, more than the average human. All that energy needs to go somewhere so I turn it into something positive and i just love doing it. When I’m not in the mood for something I’ll work on something else. My trials and tribulations have all been spun into what I do. THAT is why you get such honesty in my efforts. I will never candy coat anything.


~~Honesty is the best policy, it’s a part of what I live by~~


You live in one of the most amazing cities in the world, that has to feel like a continual fuel to your fire of art and the music world. It has to be such a powerful feeling, right?

SODA–At one point, yes. I do love NY and am a New Yorker to the fullest and will probably be here forever. But other places I have seen and traveled to have also been a tremendous inspiration. Toronto especially. Many years ago Hawksley Workman told me to move there and that within 6 months I would be famous. I never did, but I’ve never forgotten that. Should I have taken that chance? Maybe…but we can’t dwell on the past.


~~Like I always say Soda, those who dwell in the past are doomed to repeat it.  Live in today, don’t worry about tomorrow~~



(photo provided by Soda)

Think back to your first musical memory, what can you remember made you look at music and think “yes… this is a path I want to take”?

SODA–The first time I laid eyes on Nuno and Gary from Extreme in the “Kid Ego” video, that solidified the moves I wanted to make. Before that there was many other artists like Bon Jovi, Boy George…but Nuno and Gary just flipped the switch.


~~Now this gets me where I live….  Extreme, Hole Hearted, I will not lie, I still rock out to this jam every so often.  I swear it never gets old!~~

Sometimes in this day and age, through all the tragedy and painful events, do you ever find yourself lost in all the pain and suffering, like losing sight of reality? does it ever effect how you create your music? Have you ever found yourself lost in a rabbit hole from the current events and hit a road block creatively?

SODA–I never lose sight of reality, I accept it and use it. Life has always influenced me. Most of my work does stem from personal experience, but, actually later, with my last band, NOX CULT I felt I had touched on certain subjects in such a way I never had. Bullying, Animal Abuse, Ego Maniacs…it’s all there.

Is there anything musically that you haven’t created yet that you are dying to do? Any genre you’d ever want to dabble in just once?

SODA–I’d love to make a total Pop record, but thats always been kinda hard for me. I’m really good at making more experimental and alternative music. I also really want to make an electronic type record…like Erasure, Blaqk Audio, Darren Hayes…stuff like that.

I have to say, you have a pretty impressive collection of old school things, little figures, lunch boxes, what are some of your prized things you have found?

SODA–That is VERY hard for me to answer. I mean, as much as I love STUFF and am such an uber geek sometimes. My prized possessions are really anything Family or Friend related. BUT, anytime you want to come over we can totally freak out over some plastic!


~~You have a deal my friend!  We can both uber geek over collectables and music over a cup of coffee, lunch is on me!~~


Ok… I need to ask this. Noxcult, will there ever be a comeback? or is it a just wait and see thing? Inquiring minds want to know…. you guys made some pretty kick ass music!

SODA–Well, just a few weeks ago the 3 of us were in the same room together for the first time in about 2 years. We “reunited” actually for an episode of the MUSIC-SURVIVAL-GUIDE Podcast. But, right now that is all I can see for NOX CULT. I just don’t want to do it. That for me was a really nice way to put a sweet bow onto a really great and powerful package after all that time.


~~Agreed, you guys are a great group of musicians and artists, and what you put together was some amazing music.  Love having you all in my musical family~~


FB95IMG95 (1)


So music is like your superman side, your musical persona… what is your Clark Kent side that others often don’t see? What do you do behind the scenes that most might not know?

SODA–I work with kids during the day in educational enrichment. They call me Professor Soda-Pop. The Soda world is vast baby doll. I build it daily. I’m actually a pretty reserved guy. I’m a straightedge vegetarian. I also like to disappear more nowadays than I ever have actually…

What can we expect from you next? any hints at to what’s on the horizon for Soda?

SODA–I may release some more older or unreleased music. Soda’s Crafty Chaos will continue to do geeky shows and we will just continue to grow MUSIC-SURVIVAL-GUIDE. I’m also very focused on a few personal goals.

I want to say just listening to your Inspire. Inspired. Inspirational. track off of “Therapy Sessions”, it really helped me kickstart myself back into gear. I had taken a break from blogging and almost shelved it all but after hearing that track, I really honestly bounced back and forth the idea of just putting it all on hold indefinately but something within your spoken track, lit the fire inside my soul again and I really felt energized. Thank you! it was like a breath of fresh air!

SODA–Thank you, for the fourth time? THAT right there is why I do these things. Hearing that is more than any amount of money or fame could ever grant me.


Well, that was one heck of a way to jump back into the world of Stack Attacks Music!  What an amazing interview, I am so happy with this!  Thank you again Soda for allowing me to peek into your world again.  You truly inspire me each and every single day,  and you have instilled so much wisdom into my heart. Thank you for allowing me to go home again!

If you would like to check out what Soda is up to in the music world or just get to know a fantastic man, here are the platforms in which you can do so:


Twitter- @SodaSurvive

Instagram- @SodaSurvive



Soundcloud: (if you would like to hear the amazing collection that drove me to want to do this interview)

You can also check out his fantastic blog he has right here on WordPress!  Go to

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  1. heartofcamo · March 13, 2018

    Yes!!!! This is what I’ve been waiting for. Every time I read one of your blogs, it gets better & better. And what a great interview & guy! You rock sis! ✊

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  2. Karen Spadafora · March 14, 2018

    Nice read! You always ask interesting questions!! Enjoyed this!

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