Seeing the music world from another perspective: Justin Dixon of Prevailer Entertainment

From the other posts in this blog, I have taken you down many different roads in the music world.  Rock, metal, all different spectrums of the wonderful rainbow of music that this world has to offer.  But today I give you a different side to take a look at.
I got a chance to interview a local promoter, Justin Dixon, who books bands are venues for various shows and other features to get their music out there and heard.  When you think about it, if it wasn’t for the promotion of music, their voices wouldn’t get heard, their music wouldn’t get played and records wouldn’t get bought.  So Justin has a pretty important job, which he loves doing.
Here’s a little sneak peek into the life of Justin Dixon, owner of Prevailer Entertainment.
Let’s begin by telling the readers who you are and what your position at Prevailer Entertainment is, you know, the whole name, rank and serial number?
JD–hahah Justin Dixon, My rank is owner, Promoter, Talent buyer
Where is your promotion company based out of?
JD–Prevailer is based out of Falls Creek, PA but I usually do shows in Dubois and Reynoldsville and some house shows at my place.
Sometimes people tend to stick to one level of sound when it comes to a band and they don’t stray from the pack and stick with that one genre of music.  Explain to everybody the types of bands/artists you look for when you do promotions/shows?
JD–The type of bands. Back when I first started doing this it was Death Metal and hardcore but I’ve broadened my horizon over the years and have work with bands of a lot of genres such as Rock, Metal, Death Metal, Hardcore, Post hardcore, Pop Punk.
What type of workload do you usually deal with when you are doing shows?  How many do you handle at a time?
JD–I pretty much handle everything while promoting a show its all about networking so I’m always out there handing out flyers and talking to people about shows and sometimes I have two or three that I’m working on while getting everything together for the one that’s happening.
What are some of the benefits and drawbacks you have seen in the field when you handle promoting for bands?
JD–The benefits are getting to work with so many talented bands and meeting new people who are out there trying to make a name for themselves sometimes you make a new friend out of it as well. The drawback is sometimes you work with bands that think they are better than everyone and have shitty attitudes that’s when I kill them with kindness and when they try to come back I basically tell them no or don’t even answer them those type of bands don’t last long.
Do you feel as though Social Media helps alot more now than it would before the technical age?  do you think back before the facebook age, what you do now would be handled in the same manner?
JD– As I said earlier its all about marketing and how you put yourself out there. Sure social media and Facebook help but you also have to be out there hanging up flyers and going out and meeting people the whole social media thing could end anytime but word of mouth lasts a long time.
Do you see a larger spectrum in the future for Prevailer Entertainment?  Or do you rather handle things on a more local scale?
JD–Honestly you never know what could happen I take everything as it comes. If I was presented an opportunity to do a huge national show with bands that have a lot of draw then sure I will. with that said I love the local scene have for 20 years.
It’s not always easy to get this or that band for a show, how do you get access to a particular band you want for a show? or do they contact you mostly?
JD–When I first started this I mainly just kept it local because I didn’t have experience with a lot of this but I have some pretty awesome friends that taught me a lot and I’ve also learned a lot on my own. I normally get offers from agencies or bands that I know on tour.
Nowadays you can lookup bands music, photos, tour dates, just about everything on the internet… you think bands these days would gain as much notoriety without Facebook/Twitter and other social media platforms?
JD–I think it would be a lot harder to get the music out there without touring and word of mouth.
10. 10 years from now, looking down the road, where do you see music as a whole? where would you like to be on a promotional level?
JD–10 years from now hmm I honestly don’t know it has changed so much over the years. As far as where I would like to be. Id love to do both National and local id love to have packed shows where there is no room to walk its getting there.
There are so many sides of the music business, how do you think other bands can survive out there with so much competition against each other?
JD– Its all in how you present yourself be friendly and don’t have a shitty attitude.
Tell us the future of Prevailer entertainment, what is ahead for you Justin.
JD– I wish I had a crystal ball to answer this you never know the future or whats ahead I take this day by day
If you’d like to check out Justin’s promoting page for Prevailer Entertainment, it can be found on Facebook at
Thanks for reading!
Check back soon, more great things from Stack Attacks Music are coming very SOON!!!!!!

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