Where there’s dark, you can find the light

This blog is going to be a little bit different, a little sidetrack from the regular.

It’s more like a journal entry that I wanted to share.  I sat down and wanted to write this.  it had to be shared.


Safe to say it hasn’t been the greatest beginning to a year.

For as long as I can remember, my mom has been friends with a wonderful lady named Karen.  I mean, for real, as long as I can remember back, they have been friends.  I can sit and think back to making food for picnics with her, even making Easter candy with the chocolate melts and the molds.   Always great times!  Always laughter and carrying on…  we knew how to have fun.

Recently Karen lost her husband Tom.

I thought, what?? NO!!!  I’ll never forget  when mom called me at work and told me of his passing, it felt like a punch to the stomach.  Tom was such a great guy, a great craftsman and a funny as all heck.  I thought, it can’t be so.  All I could think of was, please God, please give Karen the strength right now.  Strength for her and his family over his loss.  I know some think that praying isn’t worth the time but I believe deep in my heart, if you just take the time to send your message out to God, he will listen to you.  She has such an amazing support system, but I still prayed.  God is good and he will get you through.

I have to say I’m really going to miss seeing his face when I take my niece trick or treating up to their house, hearing his booming voice when the door opens and he sees us standing there and he would get that big smile on his face, Tom loved kids, especially his grandkids.  Gonna miss seeing when Tom and Karen would go for their walks when the weather would be warmer out and give them a friendly hello…..  I wish I would have had the courage to stand up at his service to say something but I am horrible at public speaking so the only thing I could do was choke back my tears.   Even though you don’t see someone on a daily basis, the impact they make on you can be felt for days and years to come.  That’s the kind of man Tom was.  And he’s really going to be missed by many.

It makes me sad that the last conversation I had with him was Halloween about this blog and what I was going to do next.  About possibly making a logo for it, maybe do new things, maybe a few new bands.  the next one is going to be in your memory Tom.

Every second we have while we are here, we need to cherish them.  God holds the key to when we hand in our punch cards, it’s not up to us.  Dance a little more, sing a little louder, and it’s ok to eat that cheeseburger every once in a while *hey i’m chubby and I embrace it*  I only hope I’m making those whom I love dearly proud.   But we need to love those around us, each day is a gift.  Some take those for granted.  This big world spins around far too fast sometimes and if we blink, it’s all over.  Love what God gives you.

Karen and Chip and family, you are all in my prayers and always in my thoughts.  I love you guys!!  this one’s for you!

Just remember, don’t lose that light.







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