Noxcult: Sitting Down With One of NYC’s Most Intriguing And Mezmerizing Bands

The music scene is full of different genres.  Some to soothe the soul, some to help you work out the kinks from your everyday aggressions.  I’ve given them all a chance, a time or two.  Some I could stick with, others were just not my cup of tea.

The way I found this band is kind of a complicated story.  Two members of Noxcult, a very different, yet oddly wonderful band from New York City, were on tour with another band last year, Justin Symbol, another band also from the New York scene and totally worth checking out.  By word of mouth, through them I found out that they had another band named Noxcult.  Giving them a listen and after talking to Fox, Noxcult’s bassist, I became a big fan of their sound.

A fun and wild mix, these guys are sure to win you over, even the toughest of music critics.  Here’s a little peek inside the world of Soda, Fox and Monkey…..

I present to you: NOXCULT!

(Side note:  Monkey was unavailable at the time of this interview but I assure you he’s every bit of amazing as Fox and Soda)


Thank you gentlemen for the chance to sit down and interview you. For those who are not familiar with NOX CULT, please tell them your name and what you do within the band.

SODA – Singer, Guitarist, Noises and Funny Faces 😉
FOX – Bass, Growling, Looking good

Throughout our lives we all have a nickname or two, or ten….My friends call me Stackie, and they call anything I do that’s big a “Stack Attack”. Fox, Monkey, Soda. How did you get them?

SODA– My alias has been with me for many, many years. Very few people refer to me as my birth name, which is John. I received my namesake in High School. I was out with friends one night and we were referenced to as “The Outsiders” (book by S.E. Hinton and film of same name) so, Soda came up and I started using it with my music, then writing, art…and now it’s just a routine thing.

FOX – I have always had an “alias”, the most recent, final, and most fitting is now, Fox. I was using Mr. FlowFox for a while before I was lucky enough to cross paths with Soda. After knowing each other for an hour and writing our first NXC song. I told him about my POI/Staff dancing and the Mr. FlowFox. He said to just keep Fox and it just felt right.

Where does the name NOX CULT come from? It’s such a unique and different name.

SODA – Thanks! It took forever for us to settle on a name. Many were tossed around within the first 6 months of the band when we started to build. Ultimately NOX came off of a list of uncommon words which we thought was cool. I think Monkey found the list…NOX means “night” in Latin. I then figured CULT would be a cool partner to NOX. A big thing with this band was to unify ourselves and our crowd, making it somewhat cultish if you will. Also, the word CULT has almost a kinda taboo history, when you think of Cults it’s often not an overly positive thing. But with us, it’s very positive. It’s a safe place. I love the dichotomy there. Although we have a somewhat dark nature, sound, image…we assure you, what we want the end result to be is ultimately positive

SODA                                                       FOX

taken from their official Facebook

(credit to the photographers)

So many amazing bands and artists get lost among the shuffle due to overwhelming popularity of other genres of music. How do you all as band and solo artists, how do you get your voices heard and not bypassed in the mayhem of today’s music scene?

SODA – Me personally? My goal was to and always will be connect with people. I’m genuine with what I do and I think people catch that and those that like my work, solo or with a band can sense it. Today, I think a lot is manufactured and lots of people are in it solely for the money. With NOX CULT most all of or merchandise is DIY, we write songs about Animal Rights, bullying, lost relationships…Making a connection with people that like your work is the true apex. Everything else is just a bonus. Honestly I don’t think there is a real answer to your question. The Music world is a very tricky thing and it’s always changing.

FOX – I agree with Soda. I think the live shows are what will bring the most attention and keep buzz going above all else. If you can put on a kick ass live show which NXC always does, people will remember the fun they had and the experience. In the end though that’s only the start. Once you get people’s attention you have to keep it.

Where do you get your musical fuel from? who do you listen to that helps you write the next great song?

SODA – I’ve always been a music person and it’s saved my life, at times also making me an outcast. I always listened to different types of music. I like stuff off the beaten path, but I also love common sounds…I also get influence from bands/artists I’ve loved and listened to for 20 years now… Jellyfish, Nirvana, The Cure, Extreme, Saigon Kick, Spookey Ruben, The Age Of Electric, Engine Alley…I mean, I’m a music LISTENER. Whether it’s cool or not, new or old…if I like it, I like it.

FOX – Music has always been a major influence on my life. I listen to just about anything I can connect with. Yelawolf, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Wednesday 13, George Straight, Ugly Kid Joe, Murderdolls, B.B. King, Arch Enemy, Lamb of God, James Taylor, Ten Years, Andee Blacksugar…the list goes on. Music has taught me a lot about how I was feeling in certain times in my life and been the ONLY positive habit to help cope with the good and bad times.

Here’s a look at their promo video from their youtube page, check it out!


What do you each bring to the table in the band? both musically and personal? who takes the helm of the ship when it calls for a leader?

SODA – This band has LARGE personalities in it, which is a good thing and a bad thing. I write all the lyrics and am constantly bringing in riffs to build on and play with. Everyone contributes to the music. It’s an open minded process. As far as a “leader” goes, I can’t answer that.

FOX – I think in the end NXC is the leader we just kinda slave to it.

Now I have to ask you, Soda–you are such a generous person when it comes to your fans. I have seen this all first hand. Why do you go to such lengths and above and beyond like that?

SODA – Thanks for saying that. It’s so much fun for me, I love nothing more then that. We all start out the same way and have our heroes. I’ve been so lucky to live my life with lots of amazing experiences in fields that I love. I’ve meet so many of my idols and have also been burned by some. When that happens, it kills you. I NEVER want to be that person. I might not be some big shit rock star but I’ve done a number of things including music, film, TV, radio, writing, art and beyond. Being acknowledged for any of it puts a smile on my face and is the best feeling in the world.

Below you will see just a taste of this man’s generosity.  A collage I have hanging proudly on my wall of just some of the wonderful things he’s sent in the past few months, he really does have a huge heart and if you get the chance to talk to him, you’ll see just what I mean!



It’s your turn Fox, I gotta know…. Your onstage persona is wild and full of life–how are you when you are offstage? How does NOX CULT Fox differ from Fox on the street?

FOX – Honestly I think there is a bit of swag that comes out when I’m on the stage. That being said it’s not much different than how I am off it. I guess you could say the stage is like a release for me. I like to keep my personal life somewhat detached from my life as an artist. So the Fox you see at an NXC show is the Fox you get 😉

With the music world ever growing, there are so many different titles that are given to music these days, where would you say that NOX CULT roots are planted? Give the readers an inkling into the path of NOX CULT, what sound do you have?

SODA – Our sound? It’s heavy and honest. Very serious but at times fun and even a bit humorous. It’s all energy. It’s art. It’s a more alternative type thing, which really lends us to having a really cool, mixed audience. And I love that aspect of this band.

Check out a video of a song from their newly release LIVE EP called Noxcult FUCKING LIVE… here’s the live video for UNPOPULAR KIDS:


Every band nowadays has their own little type of “following”.  Taylor has her Swifties, Phish has the Phish-heads,  Do you identify your fan base with a certain type or is it a mix of all ages, sizes and shapes?

SODA – Haha, as stated above. It’s mixed. Music is a universal language and in this band we all have and have had different lifestyles. We love you all and want that variety. It’s just damn boring otherwise!

10 years from now, where do you see NOX CULT? Do you feel like the band as a whole has a lot of longevity? What would you like to conquer?

SODA – It’s all day to day. I have no idea. If you asked me this question a year and a half ago I would have said making music, records, videos, merch…and conquering the Earth. Because truthfully, this bands potential is limitless and we have proved that in a very short time. But really, who knows what the future holds.

FOX – NXC will never be less than what it is. And that’s all I got on that.

Being a group of 3 amazingly talented guys, do you have any solo projects in the works when you aren’t making music with the band? Music wise or in other areas?

SODA – Thanks for the kindness. I go nonstop, I do solo stuff as a singer/songwriter, have my music blog MUSIC-SURVIVAL-GUIDE, write fiction and have “Soda’s Crafty Chaos” in which I have been making candles and doing Pop, Comic and Toy Shows with. That’s in just a very small nutshell.

FOX – Thanks, I’m ok. I have been working with some people in the local hip hop scene and have been recording a little. I have no idea what I’m doing but I love to to learn how to create new music. I’m learning as I go for fun really. I have been writing a lot of poetry lately. I toss around ideas for new projects, just don’t seem to have time to really commit to anything.

With music being an ever present force in so many different things, there is always a new artist coming onto the scene. Is it hard to get your word heard? Is it a tough industry to survive in?

SODA – Yes. Even seems impossible at times, for me it’s always been a labor of love. You have to work, I’m constantly running. I never leave home without stickers, postcards, CDs because I never know who I’ll meet and I’m always talking to people. You have to lead your own campaign because really, nobody cares and if you don’t do you then you won’t progress. It’s a give and take biz and you need to make connections and not burn bridges. Communication is key. There is so much out there, you really need a tough shell and need to be able to take the good as well as the bad and be humble, but at the same time confident in what you do. Cause if you don’t believe it NO ONE else will.

FOX – In the end it requires major sacrifice. You have to be willing to give everything. I don’t really worry about what other people are doing.


Noxcult members:  Soda, Monkey, Fox

What advice do you have for those going out to chase their dreams down the often judgmental highway in life?

SODA – Be a good person. Never give up but also be sensible. Have an open mind and explore different opportunities that you may think won’t be for you because sometimes those are the ones that blow up and other doors will open.

FOX – Dreams don’t matter hard work does. Surround yourself with like-minded positive people on the same path and you can do anything. Don’t be afraid to fight back and the word “NO” is just as important as yes.

You recently released your EP called F***ing Live, which is pretty awesome if you ask me. Tell us a little bit about it.

SODA – We desperately needed a CD to give to people and to sell at shows, we needed music on iTunes, etc. We’re asked everyday about a proper record and literally were in a position where we couldn’t get music into peoples hands fast enough. We figured this would be a good appetizer. It really captured the essence of the band and it wasn’t overly expensive for us to self release, plus we had investors which really sealed the deal. As an introduction to NOX CULT it’s great. The title says it all, it’s just straight up. It was a fun exercise for us to release it because we all learned together and expanded on our product.


What do you hope for your fans, old and new, to take away with them when they leave one of your shows?

SODA – Elation. Solace. I want people to feel like they exorcised demons, told secrets, freed their minds right along with us. Our shows have always been high energy with complete disregard for our own well being. We exhaust our bodies to give an experience we like to think is otherworldly. We want to connect with everyone in the building. The bartender, the kid in the back against the wall, the door guy, the chubby sweaty guy flipping us off in the front…We are all inclusive 😉

FOX – There is something to be said about a band that releases a live cd before anything else. We really do put on a sick show and this EP was pretty close to the real thing as possible. It took a lot of balls for us to release this before a studio release and I’m glad we did.

What’s up next for Noxcult? Where are you all headed now?

SODA – Honestly, we just had our EP Release Show about 3-4 weeks ago now and decided to take April off. We had started a studio record back in August…but it had and has been a very slow process for a number of reasons. We had a ton of opportunities brought to our attention over the last 2 months too but have a lot to think about…

FOX – At this point in time I’d like to enjoy some time away from it all and kinda center myself and focus on personal relationships that I have been neglecting. As far as NXC no one really knows. There is a lot that goes into doing what we do and how we do it. This isn’t a project for the bars or a hobby and must be treated as such. Anything less wouldn’t do the project, its members, and fans justice.

And if you could please each of you give some final words at the end, anything you want to say. Kind of like an open mic.

SODA –Thanks for the interview, means a lot to us that you cared to take the time out to get this together. I look forward to meeting and seeing everyone old and new in person or on any social media. And please, visit my personal site at WWW.OFFICIALSODA.COM
Thank you! XO

FOX – I am looking forward to seeing what the universe has in store for NXC. I hope that the readers and fans enjoyed this. Thank you so much for taking an interest in us and doing this interview. Fans can reach me on Facebook @ & Follow me on Instagram @ Fox_NoxCult

Well there you have it!  I do hope you have enjoyed reading it, maybe as much as I enjoyed interviewing these amazingly talented and outstanding gentlemen of Noxcult!

Please look them up on all social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube….  You can follow the band of each of them individually.  You will not be disappointed!

For more information on the band and where they’ll be heading next, go to for up to date tour dates, local shows and everything and all Noxcult related.

I am Stack Attacks Music and I thank you for reading!

*for more info on how you or someone you know that would like to be interviewed, please email me direct at*




**All photos given full credit to the photographers** 




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